About Us

Jhal NYC is a social entrepreneurship venture built to empower the Bangali New York community through food. We employ stay at home mothers and new immigrants, help build their language skills, and prepare them for careers they seek to transition to. More than anything, we are creating a community for these marginalized groups.

Jhal NYC was created to shine light on the distinct Bangali- New York culture that we grew up in. The taste of the Bangali food we were raised on, the aesthetic and sound of the streets of New York. We adorn our presence with the faces of those like Tagore and Kazi Nazrul because their words are the ones our family sung.

It's more than just about food, it's us.




Crunchy semolina-based shells stuffed with a yellow peas mixture. Topped off with herbs, chili peppers, and our tangy Jhal tamarind sauce.

Jhal Muri

ঝাল মূড়ী

A savory mix of puffed rice, fried graham flour, herbs, chili peppers, and our special Jhal oil, served in a newspaper cone just like it is back in the motherland.


LIC Flea

Astoria Night Market

Queens Night Market


Boogie on the Boulevard

Bronx Rising!

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A shout out to all creatives who want to get involved with Jhal NYC in whatever capacity. We want ya.

Please call: (917) 378-3337

Or email: info@jhalnyc.com